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Find the Ideal Mate in Islam
Jun 25, 2013

Islam guides us how to Find the Ideal Mate in our live. One of the criteria that must be under-united is: ad-deen, the religion side. From Abu Hurairah, the Prophet SAW said: A woman married for four things: their wealth, family lineage, her beauty and her religion. Then choose a good religion, surely you will be lucky "(Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

Mere interlude,. there is a unique anecdote in this issue. In view of the Brotherhood activist propaganda, all the sisters are committed to and active in da'wah hijab means are represented in terms of religion. So then they thought, "now live for the beauty ...". Yes, perhaps that is the hidden intelligence of the brothers in berapologi physical tendencies.

By the way, of course, is the criteria 'religion' here are the basic things included in the understanding and practice of religious, moral and personality plus. A simple example can be seen with the following indications:

1. Comprehension: dealing with the theology of monotheism (the six pillars of faith) and also beliefs about religion in general obligation (pillars of Islam). Stay away from all beliefs and practices are closer to shirk and heresy. They do not know shaman, magic, paranormal, and do not be tempted to do the charity is not yet clear arguments and provisions in the law.

2. Practice: for women it can be identified with the commitment in the hijab (headscarf). In general, of course related to the daily worship, such as prayer in congregation and timely, al-quran recitations adequate, and turn the other sunnah practice. Many have tried to argue this criteria and say, that later after marriage it can be fixed. Of course as a positive desire we need to appreciate it, but the reality on the ground shows after the wedding is sometimes so hard to mendakwahi own wife. Is not the history of Noah and Hud also been displayed so clearly in this issue?

3. Personality: the indicator can be seen looking for him to interact with the opposite sex, how does a person in preaching and communicating. How patience, optimism, and determination in carrying out its activities. Many things can be an indicator in this region, although, of course, not everything should be ideal.

Specifically for the women, the terms piety a man must also be a major consideration before accepting or rejecting someone who comes to apply.

Of Abu Hatim ra, Rasulullah SAW said: "If you come to a religious and moral ridhoi, then nikahkanlah it, if you do not do it will undoubtedly appear slander on this earth and very real damage" (Tirmidhi, he says : hadith hasan gharib. Albani said: Hasan lighairihi)

Similarly, mentioned in history, when someone comes to Hasan bin Ali ra-grandchildren Prophet and said: "I have a daughter, with whom do you think I should marry her?". So Hasan ra said: "Nikahkanlah daughter with men who fear Allah (fear of Allah), if he loves (your daughter) then he will glorify it, and if even if he hates (do not like) your daughter, he would not hurt her."

Thus, the criteria of religion is not as simple as we imagine, that is just a veil, the Koran or the descendants of such clerics. But there are a series of things we need to consider before choosing or receiving back a potential husband / wife. That occurred during this indeed is not always ideal. New heart is tied closely consider the criteria, then there is typically a proclamation-permakluman.Selamat consider and upbeat greeting.

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